Trustworthy HR partner,
flexible and simple nuHRM.

Painless upgrades with latest regulations.

7 languages support for international businesses.

E-forms for efficient approval processes (optional).

bullhorn Attendance: Easy to use! Zero learning curve.

bullhorn Leaves & Overtime: Clever leaves & overtime calculations.

bullhorn Payroll: Smart designed checkpoints without manual mistakes.

bullhorn Scheduling: Flexible scheduling for all industries.

bullhorn Approval: Instant notifications, one-click approval.

bullhorn Info Center: No time-delayed bulletin.

bullhorn Appraisal: Accurate evaluation with indicators.

bullhorn eForm: Customizable e-forms, efficient process management.

Leaves & Overtime
Info Center
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Create more sales opportunities with nuCRM.

Fast customer information access with LINE.

Stay on top of project progress.

Seize precise business opportunities easily.

bullhorn Access Setting: Flexible division of business responsibilities.

bullhorn Customer Database: Solid control of company assets.

bullhorn Label: Classify customer attributes simply.

bullhorn Business: Explore the potential key opportunities.

bullhorn Activity: Comprehensive project footprints.

bullhorn To-Do: Add to-do items, proactively follow up!

Access Setting
Customer Database
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Remarkable Experience for Business
Zero-gap for System Conversion

120,000+ employees use LINE to clock in, take leaves, and approvals.

NUEIP has integrated with many third-party cloud services, such as LINE, Google, WeChat, and Microsoft 365. Users do not need to change their usage habits. Create the most convenient cloud office via mobile device.

NUEIP simplifies the complicated administrative management, our colleagues love LINE card, which can easily handle complement card / resilient travel / outgoing registration, this system is really very good.
PHT.Taiwan / Retailing & Wholesaling
Capable to be powerful “1”,
capable to be way beyond 1+1

Customize your own portal by linking different system functions through a personal dashboard. Users can add and edit widgets based on their preferred work mode to create their unique office platform.

Visualized Data to Assist HR Decisions

7 sets of HR data, including human resources, working hours, leave statistics, etc.

With high usability and scalability, business intelligence effectively extracts massive data into valuable visual charts, assisting business owners to enhance management insights and make more accurate decisions.

Get started effortlessly with no pressure.

Enjoy a 30-day free trial of the complete system with exclusive consultant assistance to help set up the system environment and provide system training. Effortlessly digitalize your business management.

We Listen to Your Needs

92% of customers highly recommend.

We offer a variety of contact channels and are dedicated to creating a seamless customer service environment. We sincerely listen to your needs, engage in conversation, and personally solve problems for you.

The manual of the operation manual is complete and clear, to solve most of the problems in the steps, the customer service consultant professional is kind, instantly solve various questions, pay attention to customer opinion!
Just Herb Enterprise Co., Ltd. / Retailing & Wholesaling

Technology Partners

The architecture deployment, storage computing, information security control and other related technologies of the NUEIP HR system (HRM) all work closely with Google Cloud cloud computing service partners.

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NUEIP holds an international ISO27001 certification. Through its systematic management system, strictly oversees the security and stability of information, building a strong cybersecurity network for enterprise.

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