NUEIP Privacy Policy

In order to support personal information protection and fulfill confidentiality of personal privacy for users, it is mandatory to detail the purpose and category of personal information collection and the scope and manner of personal information application, and the lawful rights, titles and interests granted to users with the right to exercise them as needed, so it is strongly advisable that each and every user should read the statements detailed in the following paragraphs mindfully and carefully to avoid any ambiguity. If any concerns for the NUEIP privacy policy, the notices given in the following paragraphs or any doubts of the matters relating to personal information protection arise from use of NUEIP, it is strongly advisable that the user can leave a text at Contact Us and a quick reply will be given.


As it comes to the NUEIP privacy policy and the notices given thereby, they can only govern the website owned and operated by the Company, but avoidably the NUEIP website may include advertisements (hereinafter ads) from business partners, so their privacy policies and their personal information protection notices shall apply and it is strongly advisable to view the foregoing by visiting their own websites.


Personal information collection hopefully advances the NUEIP services. When signing up the NUEIP account, using and logging in the NUEIP cloud services, browsing the NUEIP homepage and the websites of social media or business partners and taking part in promotion campaigns or lottery games, users should be aware of that their personal information is collected. Third parties (other companies included) may be the providers as well. Information processed by personal computer devices and browsers may be documented to determine some specific basic setting parameters (ex. portal or system language) or to display certain services specific for users.

The information categories include:

  • Username and contact
    Personal profile like the username, e-mail address and phone number will be collected.
  • Occupational information
    Occupational information like the company name, address, phone number and other information will be questioned as a user signs up the account.
  • Password, password hint, authentication or account access security information
  • Statistics
    Gender, age, etc.
  • Payment
    As it comes to the NUEIP bill plan, information required by the payment like the credit card number and its security authentication information (e.g. security code) will be collected.
  • Software and hardware
    Information on dynamics between NUEIP and users is collected including but not limited to the function buttons used, log of browsed websites, search item input, etc. Information on software and hardware used by users to link to NUEIP is collected including but not limited to the device category, IP, device ID (smart phone IMEI number), region and language settings.
  • Texts or details
    Each text given to NUEIP will be on record and kept in the archives. Each user has the right to give or not to give personal information to NUEIP, but personal rejection of necessary personal information in whole or in part may disable NUEIP.


Against illegal external invasion of the NUEIP website database system, NUEIP has adopted precautions of firewalls, receives the TWCA SSL and assigns professionals in charge of NUEIP database management and maintenance tasks while each blank filled by and information given by users will be saved in the database after having been processed by the special encoding steps where only the NUEIP system is entitled to the decoding procedure of such information.


The purposed collection, processing and application of personal information aims at:

  1. Conducting business operation and services provision;
  2. Marketing affairs;
  3. Customers and/or clients management and support services;
  4. Information and communication services; and
  5. Advertising and commercial behavioral management affairs and other contract-related, contract-like or legal relation management matters or affairs.
  6. Surveys, statistics, and research analysis.

Information collected from plural services in any form hopefully helps maintain and improve the NUEIP services, develop new functions, meet the users’ needs and serve as the intrinsic analytics of or reports on markets and business services that fail to disclose detailed personal information in any form for compliance with confidentiality. Not only the text given by the user to NUEIP and its content in any form of communication will be collected for a quick solution but also NUEIP may give a NUEIP-related notice to a user by email via the email box address given to NUEIP previously if necessary.
A prior consent given by the user will be acquired if information collected is not for the purposed use provided by the Terms as necessary.


For ease of use, the cookies technology aims to save the individual habits and preferences of using NUEIP in order to offer users the necessary services. Web beacons are used to access the intrinsic and extrinsic cookies and the NUEIP-associated cookies. Cookies rejected personally of using NUEIP may result in NUEIP disabled in whole or in part.


NUEIP may post some hyperlinks to other websites operated by third parties and/or use the services provided by third parties (including but not limited to Google, LINE and WeChat). Users are entitled to accepting or declining any NUEIP function that includes the service from a third party in the discretion.

When you intend to use the services provided by these third parties, we may share certain data or receive information with these third-party websites, consistent with your privacy settings on the third-party websites. Such information may include: account number, email address and name. For information on how these third parties will use your information, please review your privacy settings and notices on these third party websites.

You have the right to delete your personal data. If you want to delete the data obtained by NUEIP on a third-party website, you can ask us to delete your personal information, or you can submit "unbinding" in the "Settings" function of the system by yourself. Information we share and obtain with third-party websites will be deleted immediately.

Internet use behavior may be tracked for improving NUEIP. NUEIP uses the services from Google like Google Analytics and Adwords. It is strongly advisable that the privacy policy of a third-party website for using NUEIP must be read and known amply.


NUEIP uses the servers worldwide to process personal information and thus personal information may be processed by cross-border servers.


NUEIP adopts precautions that are rational and law-abiding against information being improperly accessed, tampered, copied or leaked; moreover, hardware security checkups are also performed on a regular basis against any invasion of the system used to save information.


NUEIP will update the contents of the privacy policy to cope with changes in business settings at any point if necessary without a prior notice given, so it is strongly advisable that any user can send a text addressing any individual doubt or concern arising from use of NUEIP in terms of personal information protection or the NUEIP privacy policy to Contact Us at any point if needed.