Visual Chart Improvement Management Insight

Unify multivariate data into visualized chart. Business Intelligence- BI, changes the way you think of numbers and data.

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Visual Chart Improvement Management Insight

Understanding HR Trends Can Be Simpler

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Company administrators can view the complete multi-data analysis reports.

  • Data visualization fast insights HR trends

    Extract key points from complex databases, and analyze and integrate them into visual charts. It saves you time self-calculation and understands the human development status of the enterprise faster.

  • Set dimension indicators flexible

    Provides a variety of chart types to choose from, such as pie charts, line charts, etc., and can flexibly build layouts, dimensions, indicators, date ranges, etc.

  • Equipped with drill-down charts

    Through the drill-down report, the basic visual data is stripped layer by layer, and the key factors affecting the problem can be quickly identified.

  • Interactive filter function & friendly interface

    The report interface is friendly in design and easy to operate. You can easily interact and filter with charts and switch charts from multiple perspectives.

  • Seven major databases ready every day

    Built-in many important databases, such as human resources, shift scheduling, etc., and nearly 100 kinds of data fields help companies make more accurate decisions.

  • Customize the chart to build a smart database

    The system provides many suggested preset reports, and you can also add chart sets according to your analysis habits to build a personalized database.