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Nidin / It allows companies to quickly bridge the knowledge gap in labor-related laws and systematize and automate human resources processes in the start-up period. This not only saves time but also increases trust between founders.
Cooker and Dinner Office / NUEIP's user-friendly and flexible scheduling resolves challenges with four brands and their diverse operational systems, accommodating complex scheduling needs like morning, evening, single, and multiple shifts.
TECO / The nuHRM HR system offers fixed-point check-in and check-out, enabling effective monitoring of staff activities across various branches. It provides feedback on visit frequency and performance for each distribution point, facilitating strategic planning and improvement initiatives for sales. This effectively maximizes the efficiency of field operations.
TRUEDAN / NUEIP's automation streamlines our complex HR processes. Scheduling is automatically checked against flexible working hour regulations, and the two-step overtime application and approval process provides real-time insights for management.
Milksha / NUEIP addresses the differing work hour needs of our headquarters and stores, ensuring smooth operations from scheduling and attendance to payroll. The payroll process is now 67% faster, allowing HR to focus on more critical tasks.
QuickClick / Unlike outsourcing firms, NUEIP meets both regulatory control and flexible adjustment needs, fostering a flexible and trusting relationship between labor and management.
SUMEASY / NUEIP facilitated our business expansion, managing the increase in employees from 30 to 150 while reducing payroll processing time from 6 to 1.5 days, with zero errors, enabling us to focus on core business goals.
Chien Tu / NUEIP is friendly to the restaurant industry with part-time employees. It eliminates the need for numerous shifts, allowing for direct scheduling of student employees based on hours and precise calculation of hourly staff holidays and wages.
Cheogajip / Before NUEIP, checking schedules and staff hours was time-consuming and error-prone. Now, the system automatically verifies schedules and workforce allocation, eliminating issues of missed or duplicate shifts.
CN Flower / Employees can self-query annual leave and overtime information through the system, resolving the inconvenience of having all questions directed to HR. LINE clock-ins provide real-time GPS tracking and convenient attendance record checks.
AGC / NUEIP's sleek interface and the team's expertise seamlessly integrated the system into our existing processes. Supporting Japanese, it facilitates communication with our Japanese boss.
GAGU / NUEIP streamlines our payroll process, saving us 2-3 days of work. The system automatically calculates employee vacations, reducing the risk of human errors. With online overtime applications and access to remaining leave hours, it provides added convenience for our employees!
JIATE / NUEIP makes clocking in more convenient for personnel at various branches, and it is seamlessly integrated with the schedule and payroll systems, allowing for faster calculation of salaries for both full-time and part-time employees. The system also enables the quick calculation of accrued vacation, compensatory time off, or expired leave with just a simple click, saving a considerable amount of time.
Bite 2 Eat / Check-in and push messages via LINE, let delivery messages of the company faster. Cloud integration service is a necessary tool for businesses today.
COACH / From pre-setup work to subsequent usage instructions, there is efficient assistance from a professional team. Attendance records are kept complete each month, and attendance tracking is both rapid and clear. There is very convenient that employees can clock-in in LINE app.
TOKUYO / LINE tales will become simpler, greatly simplify the sign-in process of the field, and the company does not need to purchase fixed-point punching equipment, and the company is relieved.
ONE BOY / For rapidly growing enterprises, NUEIP offers a straightforward and intuitive personnel management system. From employee data creation and labor and health insurance to shift scheduling, attendance records, and payroll settlement, it significantly enhances human resources management efficiency.
SHINYI BIOMEDICAL / NUEIP integrates with LINE operations, eliminating the need for colleagues to download a separate system app. The user-friendly interface reduces the learning curve, increases user willingness, and avoids issues related to unstable applications. Managing leave, payroll, and receiving announcements has never been more convenient and user-friendly.
SHUMAI School / The nuHRM HR system boasts highly flexible functionality and comprehensive features. With consultant assistance, it successfully resolves longstanding challenges in project personnel attendance management. NUEIP effectively addresses the difficulties we encountered in personnel management!
Siang Shuai Cake / Moving from manual processes to the NUEIP system has greatly streamlined tasks for both frontline staff and supervisors. Clocking in, requesting leave, and receiving announcements are now more convenient, while scheduling and approvals have become faster and more efficient. NUEIP has significantly enhanced the overall efficiency of human resources management.
RED DOT / The user interface of the HR system from NUEIP is highly intuitive and straightforward. When calculating attendance records and salaries of our employees, our human resource department is capable of efficiently completing the heavy workload of personnel management within a short period of time.
Santa / The NUEIP HR system provides our employees with convenient channels to check their attendance and leaves while ensuring the solid protection of personal data. The user-friendly management accelerates employees’ trust and satisfaction, which helps us better attract and secure top talents.
IAOD GROUP / Due to the frequent need for employees to attend meetings, carry out activities, or work from home, the NUEIP HR system's GPS clock-in feature allows them to clock in online directly through their mobile devices. This eliminates the inconvenience of the need to manually clock in later.
HAND SEVEN INTERNATIONAL / The HR system of NUEIP streamlines processes such as employee data setup, labor and health insurance operations, attendance management, performance evaluation, etc., enabling swift and accurate payroll processing. The dynamic personnel dashboard facilitates rapid inquiry into attendance records.
RICH BOAT / Creating Excel spreadsheets, then having the headquarters compile employees' clock-in records, and finally having them reviewed by branch managers. Wasted much time and cut down many trees in the process. The end-to-end service provided by NUEIP has truly made calculating salaries incredibly convenient for us!
OneDegree / NUEIP helps establish flexible management across borders and departments. With a one-time process implementation, supervisors and employees can easily handle leave, forms, and performance matters, regardless of rapid growth.
SiliconCore / The nuHRM HR system not only features a clear interface but also allows for convenient mobile access, thereby increasing colleagues' willingness to use it. It aids HR in effectively managing colleagues' attendance, payroll, and personal information. Its rapid compliance with legal updates enables highly efficient one-click processing, simplifying personnel operations.
Alpha / Highly recommended! Since implementing the NUEIP HR system, it has significantly enhanced our efficiency in managing employee attendance and monthly payroll processing. This has greatly improved overall personnel management.
TRON FUTURE / Ideal for startups, this system enables efficient handling of attendance management, payroll processing, and internal announcements. Its diverse clock-in methods effectively support remote and hybrid work setups. With an intuitive and clear interface, employees can use it without confusion or questions.
Xianlaoman / With NUEIP, various operations within the company have been digitized. Including the use of forms to manage the dynamic aspects of labor and health insurance adjustments in the catering industry. The implementation of shift management allows human resources and department supervisors to flexibly and conveniently allocate staff hours, thereby enhancing operational efficiency.
National Taiwan Normal University / System integration LINE's function, slove the problem of attendence. Is no need to reconcile paper attendance and automatically calculate payroll anymore.
LOVFEE / The system updates regulations in real-time, and in conjunction with diverse clock-in methods and transparent calculations for vacation and attendance, it not only provides peace of mind for employees but also reduces the burden on human resources management. In the post-pandemic era with the development of online and offline activities, NUEIP proves to be a valuable assistant for HR.
sebamed / The scheduling function is easy to operate and meets the needs of our different store counters and various shifts.
Bened biomedical / From monthly salary calculations to online payslip distribution, everything can be seamlessly handled within NUEIP, significantly saving operational time. Not only is the system interface simple and user-friendly, but the consulting staff also provides real-time assistance.
ENJOY HOT ENJOY MEAT / We saved data by paper in past, and there was no interconnected clock-in system. Verifying attendance records, labor and health insurance, overtime pay, etc., was time-consuming. NUEIP streamlines the entire process from attendance to payroll, eliminating the need for extensive verification tasks. This not only makes data storage more convenient.
Versui / The NUEIP system is highly comprehensive, providing easy access to essential information for various tasks such as employee clock-ins for work, attendance during external visits, or leave requests. The interface for payroll calculations is intuitive and user-friendly, finally bidding farewell to the awkwardness of calculating overtime and salary at the end of each month.
Dah Tien / The approval process for leave and official trips, auditing of business-related visits, and mileage reimbursement calculations have all seen significant improvements in efficiency. Supervisors can now easily monitor employee attendance, and employees can track their attendance and leave balances. It’s even easy to use for senior employees.
Free Time Gear / Advance salary payments can also be settled on schedule, thanks to the timely attendance and payroll calculations. Whether it's payroll processing, attendance tracking, or complex scheduling, all of these tasks can be easily completed within the system, making it much simpler for us to have real-time control over employee attendance.
Combi / NUEIP is very convenient and easy to operate, making it easy for new employees to learn. The system also promptly adjusts to changes in government regulations and frequently holds training sessions. The customer service team is also very friendly.
B&G Tea Bar / The scheduling, payroll settlement, overtime, attendance, and data statistics functions have simplified our management processes, allowing us to be more precise and efficient in our management. We highly recommend using these features.
YUANZHI BRANDING CORPORATION LTD. / After using the NUEIP, we can easily monitor the attendance status of employees in each branch. Even for field staff, it is convenient to manage their attendance by setting up multiple clock-in points.
Yakiniku SHOJO / In addition to relieving monthly payroll settlement, there are significant benefits in calculating annual leave and distributing year-end bonuses. After implementation, administrative efficiency is improved by at least four times, and there is a continuous effort to optimize the system, providing reassurance to users.
Taro Rice Ball King / Finally, clocking in can break free from the traditional check clock, giving a sense of progress along with the times. The overtime calculation feature is also very user-friendly!
YiPinPrawn / Clocking in is quick, scheduling is convenient, salary calculation is clear, and function setup is simple and easy. Information updates are also fast, greatly simplifying the time for both staff and management levels.
Mrs. Thai / With nuHRM, tasks such as onboarding, insurance, payroll, and tax reporting can all be easily managed without using Excel. The patient, friendly, and professional service by NUEIP helps me complete all the company logical settings.
IOG / The portal adds commonly used features for a seamless, user-friendly experience. Easily navigate and customize your workflow, completing administrative tasks efficiently in one place!
3Pi MIXER / The portal allows users to conveniently pin frequently used functions. Announcements and events are broadcasted by LINE messaging. and linked to the calendar, which enhances efficiency and communication accuracy.
Taiwan Fullbloom / Whether it is leave and attendance, scheduling, announcement systems, or eForms, all of these functions can be quickly accessed on the portal, making it easier and faster for us to manage our work partners in different locations.
EverBright / The sales department uses NUEIP nuSALES to replace daily reports, allowing for better maintenance of customer information and more efficient handover of sales tasks. It’s also very useful when tracking project progress during meetings!
CHENG CHUAN Prosthetics & Orthotics / The function of shift solves our problem of multiple branches throughout Taiwan. The information communicates much immediately.
TEHLIN / NUEIP slove our problems inclouding attendance,leave,work overtime and payroll. Count every term precisely, and make no mistake.
Minteai / NUEIP is not limited by time and place. Continuous update and progress, make user permissions clearly assigned.
Knowhow Technolog / Humanized Design! Upload all paper document to cloud.The customer service are professional and thoughtful, slove our problem immediately.
Dynamic Service / NUEIP is easy to operate. Combined with many function in Line, slove the problem of paper delivering.The sales and customer service in NUEIP is pretty professional.
Huaien Survey / The system count attendence record precisely. and identify abnormal attendance automatically.Unlimited number of users, Function modules quickly and the customers slove the problem immediarely.
TRUST CREATING / Departmental organization is blameless.Make distance mangement more convenient. Electronic Forms upload the paper in cloud, make the mangement more complete.
Enspyre / The attendance of whole company can be managed by NUEIP.Ask for leave without paper applicant, save much more time and manpower.
Liga Hotel / Cause of hotel's employees's working hours are irregular. It is often impossible to synchronize employee status due to different shift schedules and vacations.After using NUEIP, all requirements can be quickly completed on the system.
LUNG PU GreenPower / NUEIP's customer service is professinal and thoughful.Employees can check attendance,leaves and salary by themselves. No need to asking HR anymore.
GuangGuang / NUEIP working list is very easy to use, let our colleagues do not miss it in handling and handover, workflows are more smooth.
HUAXING / The company is facing digital transformation, the time and cost of past paper operations are high. After using NUEIP, we will make us more system in human capital and enterprise management.
20SKIN / What we admire most is that the three shifts in the medical industry and the multiple of overtime for each shift can be correctly calculated.
uCarer / Enterprise management is no longer limited to the cumbersome process of the paper. More importantly, the customer service, the business window is very professional.
Intumit, Inc. / No longer limited to the past, you should chase the supervisor, the customer service consultant will also be counted in teaching, assist us in confusion, so that overall use is more convenient
Zeng Master Food Co., Ltd. / Integrate multiple office things, the transmission and notification of instant messages, and improve the efficiency of the conveyance of the company's message affairs, see SME use!
Pacific Tour / Simple! practical! Value! Line is very practical with the integration of Google. Other functions are also very in place, is a very value-for-money cloud human system.
YAMEDIA INC. / At the time of the assessment system, I was still a little doubt. I found that care is extra! After-sales service and speed are really great, it is recommended to recommend Nueip!
BAOLIAO COMMUNE CO., LTD. / NUEIP's level calculation, you can take a level at the time of salaries, each step is accurately confirmed, and the heavy payment of the salary salary per month is much saving.
PHT.Taiwan / NUEIP simplifies the complicated administrative management, our colleagues love LINE card, which can easily handle complement card / resilient travel / outgoing registration, this system is really very good.
WE-TECHNOLOGY AUTOMATION CO., LTD. / Employees do not need to log in to the system, they can directly access the company announcement and attendance dynamics by Google calendar. The supervisor can understand the employee's hypothesis, and live quickly.
RJ Int'l Patent, Trademark & Law Office / NUEIP provides a number of services, convenient and quick to manage, shortens the company's internal operation time, in line with a number of demands, is a very worthwhile system.
Tecdia / Previously we used artificial computing and statistics, very expensive, after using nueip, saving many times while improving accuracy is a good helper.
Fullicon / Easy to understand the operating interface, no matter where you can work through NUEP, it is recommended to use the administrative work efficiency through work.
ECOPLUS TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. / NUEIP provides hidden information protection, using line combined with various features, even if the business trip can instantly update the status, it is very convenient for office workers who need to run along the time!
Wayne I.M.C. / NUEIP system data is easy, and we are very helpful in terms of attendance and scheduling function.
TRIDENT COATINGS LTD. / NUEIP is the best function, which is precise positioning when the field personnel can punch, can directly go to the designated location, and the company is also more assured.
Derekduck Industry Corp. / Our corporate philosophy is YOU ARE SAFE WITH US. Employee management is especially important. NueIP is convenient, and the assessment, the accuracy is accurate, and the efficiency of enterprise management is greatly enhanced.
Vesonic / The company often sent a special commissioner to various stores, and the system automatically uploads attendance records and can combine the salary in combination with human work! Replace the traditional complicated procedure that needs to fill in the bill.
JUST HERB ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. / The manual of the operation manual is complete and clear, to solve most of the problems in the steps, the customer service consultant professional is kind, instantly solve various questions, pay attention to customer opinion!
YING YAO TRADING CO., LTD. / NUEIP accurate statistical attendance record, and automatically judges abnormal abnormalities, greatly reduce the time of artificial school, and the information transparency is super efficient!
SHUAN YOUNG ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. / System interface design is clear, during import, no matter people, supervisors, employees, everyone can use it quickly!
Social French Wuhu County Care Service Association / Combined with the Line account binding can be easily login, GPS positioning can clearly understand employee outgoing dynamics, the supervisor can view and review at any time, and implement paperless and environmentally friendly concept.
HOUR TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. / The company is transformed into a technology industry, and all colleagues can immediately use nueip. The customer service staff is also very kind, we give five star highest quality evaluation.
Tomali Boutique / NueIP and Line are very convenient, allowing employees to be easy and instant card, apply for overtime and leave, is a great cloud human system!
Lifeng Hardware Store / After a case, the human scheduling is very complicated, but the NUEIP system is perfect, and the manager can easily complete various work so that we can focus on work affairs.
Alpine International Co., Ltd. / Let us have high efficiency management, no matter where you can make a cheap core, the price of people can easily e-use.