Building Strong Customer Relationship

Uncover potential customers to improve sales performance.

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Building Strong Customer Relationship
  • Easily Customize Data Permissions

    Customize data permissions and controls based on company organization chart to achieve both independent sales and centralized team management.

  • Build a Secure Customer Database

    Properly manage and securely store customer data as a valuable asset, allowing for seamless job transitions and increased customer satisfaction.

  • Customize Label Management

    Classify and manage customer properties based on work habits and search tags to easily find target customers and improve marketing strategies.

  • Uncover Key Business Opportunities

    Establish sales process stages for each product, quickly identify hidden business opportunities, and estimate future project completion and revenue through filtering and time/stage modes.

  • Multiple Project Interaction Management

    Record customer interactions such as visits, calls, and quotes to better understand customer needs, provide a better customer experience, and increase customer loyalty.

  • To-do list management

    Add personal and to-do lists to effectively follow project schedules, take timely actions, and improve deal efficiency by caring about customer needs.

  • Stay Up-to-Date with Customer Data

    Link with LINE system to quickly find customer contact information and interaction records, and easily navigate to create a smooth and convenient sales process.