Achieving Automated Management with API

Establish a secure cross-system communication bridge through API integration.

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Achieving Automated Management with API

Achieve convenient and secure management goals

We Provide API Documentation

api-resource api-resource

Your programmers can assist you in retrieving data and integrating it into your designated system. Through API integration, you can automate the transmission of data resources, thus enhancing the efficiency of your management processes.

9 API Documentations for Flexible System Integration

  • form no.

  • time weighted

  • start time

  • sign status

  • end time

  • others

Punch/ Sign
  • user no.

  • user IP

  • punch time

  • sign time

  • GPS

  • others

Users info.
  • user name

  • arrive date

  • dept. name

  • email

  • job title

  • others

Leave info.
  • form no.

  • agent

  • rule name

  • sign status

  • date

  • others

Leave without pay
  • system no.

  • end date

  • type

  • seniority status

  • start date

  • others

Rule query
  • timeoff

  • clock in

  • holiday

  • overtime

  • audit

  • others

  • salary name

  • deductions total

  • pay date

  • earnings total

  • user no.

  • others

  • dept. name

  • supervisor no.

  • upper dept. name

  • start date

  • level

  • others

  • start date

  • read status

  • user no.

  • end date

Secure Integration Bridge

Secure Privacy Protection

Adopting RFC7617 standard authentication, API access is secured through API key authentication to ensure only authorized users can access the API. It also complies with GDPR requirements to protect the privacy of data in use.

Flexible Cross-System Compatibility

Supporting multiple software development toolkits and returning JSON data format, it seamlessly integrates with different systems, allowing developers to choose familiar tools for easy API integration and resource extraction.

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