Achieve Truly Effective Appraisal

Simplify convolute processes. Items are easily set up.

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Achieve Truly Effective Appraisal
  • Multiple sets of KPI template
    Multiple sets of KPI template

    Design or copy from many available KPI templates to cater the needs of different positions.

  • Custom assessment metrics
    Custom assessment metrics

    Businesses can establish their own evaluation items and metrics for multi-dimensional evaluations.

  • Exchange of opinions
    Exchange of opinions

    After the employee's self evaluation, the manager reviews, comments, and returns it to the employee. This will promote the interactions and harmony between the two parties.

  • Combination of appraisal and leave
    Combination of appraisal and leave

    Combining appraisal with leave, users may set up criteria for adding points to or subtracting points from the evaluation.

  • Appraisal report
    Appraisal report

    More reports can be generated to make appraisal easier. Various reports and detailed analysis of metrics make performance evaluations meaningful.

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