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About Us

Integrate cloud enterprise management platform with an innovative and continually-proven attitude.

The origin and the future of NUEIP share a common goal: to serve its users. The company has built a platform that enables all enterprises and their employees to easily and quickly get up to speed and rapidly simplify the internal operations of their work so that every business may focus its energy on its core business.

NUEIP is dedicated to developing multiple SaaS systems and constructing a comprehensive “Cloud Enterprise Personnel Management Platform.” At its core, NUEIP's development approach is “Human-oriented,” beginning with the “HRM” system as the initial step. Subsequently, “BPM,” “CRM,” and “BI” have been successively launched.

NUEIP accomplishes this by innovating ideas and continuously verifying systems, that “Make Business Management Simple”.

The Value We Believe In

Sincere Dialogue
By listening and empathizing with the other person's position, we can have a real dialogue and find the underlying need. Provide a 30-day free trial of the complete system. After using it, you will know if it is suitable for you.
Focus on Your Experience
We attach great importance to the customer experience. From the official website to business communication, customer service, and even product user experience, function optimization, etc., to create a complete user experience journey.
Keep Flexible
We have flexible people and organization. In response to market trends, we can adapt and adjust in real time, so that talents can play their role. In the research and development of each product function, it is the pursuit of flexibility.
Work-Life Balance
Work is important, but making time for yourself and your family is even more important. We believe that a better self leads to better work. As Charles Handy said, "Who you are is more important than what you do."
Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish
We have a spirit of innovation, and we are not easily satisfied with the status quo. We always challenge ourselves, pursue progress, and constantly iterate ourselves.