Big Launch of CRM & BI

Join the NUEIP now, upgrade and start both CRM and BI systems immediately.

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Big Launch of CRM & BI

Follow Your Pace to Develop
the Most Suitable Enterprise Management System

Since the development of the cloud HR system, it is deeply loved by HR and corporate employees. NUEIP has also grown and thrived with customers. We began to think about "developing the most suitable system with the pace that is closest to the growth of the enterprise", allowing enterprises to manage more efficiently. We launched a new CRM and BI. Recommended for you who support NUEIP along the way.

Upgrade immediately
during the contract period

As long as you are an HR contract customer, it's free during the contract period.

No pressure in
importing system

It's easy to get started without having to pay expensive system fees.

easy to operate

Comprehensive key functions, simple operation, and low learning cost.

  • Organize Your Customer Relationship Easily

    Establishing a customer database, recording customer interactions, and adding to-do items, can quickly help you connect daily business work and create a good customer experience.
    ‧ "Activity" and "To-Do", record and view at any time.
    ‧ Diverse usage scenarios, easy to keep notes.

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  • Insight of the Data, Foresight of your Business

    Extract key points from complex databases, analyze and integrate them into visual charts, save you the time of self-calculation, and quickly understand the human development status of the enterprise.
    ‧ Data can be seamlessly integrated across systems.
    ‧ Data indicators will be continuously expanded.

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