Grasp Your Customer Relationship Fast

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Grasp Your Customer Relationship Fast

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  • Easily customize data permissions

    The permissions are divided according to the company's organizational chart, and functions such as browsing, adding, editing, and deleting can be customized according to different types of personnel.

  • Build your exclusive customer database

    Diversified customers can also be classified quickly, add customer information, build your exclusive customer database according to customer characteristics, and easily grasp your customer information.

  • Grasp customer information at any time

    You can quickly find customers through the contact list, contact customers at any time and record relevant information. Any device can be inquired, and it is convenient to find it in real-time.

  • Custom label management

    Based on your work habits, customize a variety of different labels, distinguish between different characteristic customers, and you can easily find your target customers easily.

  • Multiple interaction management

    Build information about every interaction you have with your customers with flexible interaction types. It can also record to-do items and work progress in detail.

  • To-do list management

    You can add personal proceedings and interactive agents to help you record important schedules, find out key work, so you no longer miss any business opportunities.

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